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Base Camp - Welcome Home!

Base Camp 2016 will happen April 1, 2, 3.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
Mark Your Calendar - - Be There!

Every year, over the first weekend in April, something wonderful happens: Col. Joe Abodeely stages Base Camp - an opportunity for veterans and friends and supporters of veterans to gather, reminisce, renew old friendships, make new friendships, swap war stories and tall tales, and honor fallen soldiers and others who have given in the battles for freedom around the world.

Col. Joe Abodeely offers guests a heartfelt welcome!

The climate in Maricopa, Arizona is perfect, and Joe supplies the location for a fine weekend of memories, old and new.

Many people return to Base Camp year after year - they have many reasons: some come to honor those who have stood in harm's way for our freedoms, some come to meet up with old friends, some come to where they can be with others who understand who they are and where they have been in the service of their country.

The American Flag - Old Glory - Flies Proudly Against the Backdrop of the Maricopa Hills

Base Camp means different things to each person who shares the experience. Come and join us - find out what it can mean to you!
















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